Extol Security provides integrated security solutions to government agencies, private corporations and Non-governmental organizations. We offer a wide range of security and risk management services to help you create and sustain a secure private and or business environment no matter where you are. We provide peace of mind.

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What We Do!

Personal Bodyguard

Provision of well trained, vetted and highly motivated guards, in whom we have inculcated discipline, business partnership and service excellence. We train our bodyguards to be highly responsive, witty about tough situations and above all, always ensure that our client (the one whom is guarded) is always in safety.

Protocol / VIP Escort:

Provision of close protection to dignitaries and VIPs is a specialized security function. We provide secure escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to destination, anywhere within the country. This service includes Airport pick-up and Drop-off functions as well as dedicated armed escort services

VIP Protection Services

We provide secure escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to the destination, anywhere within the country. This is to give adequate protection to your valuables without attracting unnecessary attention.


Events Security:

We provide security cover for important corporate and social events such as concerts, Jamborees, Weddings, Launchings, funeral and religious gatherings. Our services here include crowd control, ushering, provision of security dogs, bouncers etc. Our men are not only well trained but are also equipped with the right tools required  in coordinating our activities at specific events.

Convoy Movement

Provision of Convoy Movement for your security needs includes: Lead Team Backup, Backup Team Only and many more:

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Corporate Security

We have different categories of operatives which includes but not limited to guards, head guards, supervisors and site managers spread across the country.

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