Our Services

A full array of our Security And Protection Services.

We provide security cover for important social events such as Musical Concerts, Jamborees, Weddings, Launchings, Funeral, Annual General Meetings (AGM) etc. Our experience and versatility in Access Control, Crowd Control, Traffic/Car-Park Management, VIP/Close Executive Protection, Guest Management and Surveillance is unsurpassed in the industry.

Convoy Movement

We deploy unbranded vehicles for covert movement. We are disposed to providing the following methods:

Personal Bodyguard

We train our bodyguards to be highly responsive, witty about tough situations

VIP Protection Services

Our armed escort services are normally customized to suit the client’s requirements and peculiar circumstances.

Protocol/VIP Escort

We provide secure escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to destination, anywhere within the country.

Corporate Security

We have different categories of operatives which includes but not limited to:

Event Security

We provide security cover for important corporate and social events

Security Services/Equipment

We sell. Install, and maintain various equipment. This is to ensure total coverage of our clients. These include:

Special Investigations

We help you with personal and discreet investigation, ranging from undercover, detective, tracking. We have been able to maintain a standard, and we won’t compromise, our intelligence unit is specially trained for this. Listed above are few, we are however not limited to them

Guard Dogs

We provide you with various breeds of well trained dogs, to boost your security protection

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