Your Security is Our Profession & Passion!

We provide security cover for important social events such as Musical Concerts, Jamborees, Weddings, Launchings, Funeral, Annual General Meetings (AGM) etc. Our experience and versatility in Access Control, Crowd Control, Traffic/Car-Park Management, VIP/Close Executive Protection, Guest Management and Surveillance is unsurpassed in the industry.

 Scope of Service

Our full-fledged service includes:

Private/cooperate security

We have different categories of operatives which includes but not limited to guards, head guards, supervisors and site managers spread across the country. They have qualification ranging from Senior Secondary School Certificate to University Degrees., they all undergo our basic and/or advanced security training in order to adequately equip them for the new career they have chosen before deploying them to their various beats. We provide well-trained security operatives for residences, factories and corporate businesses all over Lagos.  The number of guards to be deployed to each location is determined by the result of security survey conducted by our experts or as determined by the client through a mutual agreement.

VIP Protection Services

We provide secure escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to the destination, anywhere within the country. This is to give adequate protection to your valuables without attracting unnecessary attention. This service includes Airport pick-up and Drop-off functions as well as dedicated armed escort services across major cities in Nigeria.This service includes Meet & Greet which involves meeting the passenger at the luggage area and endeavour to assist to ease off the bottlenecks associated with airport clearances. It is most useful when the passenger is a first time traveler to Nigeria. Our armed escort services are normally customized to suit the client’s requirements and peculiar circumstances.

Convoy Movement

We are disposed to providing the following methods:
  • Lead Team only
  • Back-up Team only
  •  Lead and Back-up as a whole unit
  • Armed security personnel aboard a chauffeur-driven vehicle (Salon or SUV) only or in conjunction with any of the above
  • Chauffeur-driven vehicle only or with any of the first three methods above
For covert movement, we could deploy unbranded vehicles for this service. The services of Armour vehicles are also available for severe security situations when required.

Personal Bodyguard:

Provision of well trained, vetted and highly motivated guards, in whom we have inculcated discipline, business partnership and service excellence. We train our bodyguards to be highly responsive, witty about tough situations and above all, always ensure that our client (the one whom is guarded) is always in safety.

Protocol / VIP Escort:

Provision of close protection to dignitaries and VIPs is a specialized security function. We provide secure escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to destination, anywhere within the country. This service includes Airport pick-up and Drop-off functions as well as dedicated armed escort services.

Events Security:

We provide security cover for important corporate and social events such as concerts, Jamborees, Weddings, Launchings, funeral and religious gatherings. Our services here include crowd control, ushering, provision of security dogs, bouncers etc. Our men are not only well trained but are also equipped with the right tools required  in coordinating our activities at specific events.

Other services include :


We sell. Install, and maintain various equipment. This is to ensure total coverage of our clients. These include
  • Cctv systems
  • Bullet proof doors
  • Alarm systems
  • Smoke and fire detector
  • Electric fencing


We provide you with various breeds of well trained dogs, to boost your security protection


We don’t just train our personnel’s, but also individual and organizations that need our expert assistance


We help you with personal and discreet investigation, ranging from undercover, detective, tracking. We have been able to maintain a standard, and we won’t compromise, our intelligence unit is specially trained for this.
Listed above are few, we are however  not limited to them